El lobo y el cordero (Spanish) with translations in Early Modern English

The wolf and the lamb

This parallel text is part of The wolf and the lamb equilang.

Text by José Carrasco in Spanish.

  • Source: Phaedrus (1823). Fábulas de Fedro (José Carrasco, Trans.). Imprenta de Sierra y Martí. https://es.wikisource.org/wiki/%C3%8Dndice:F%C3%A1bulas_de_Fedro.djvu

Translation by Christopher Smart written in year 1765 in Early Modern English.

Based in the original work Lupus et Agnus of Phaedrus

El lobo y el cordero
The Wolf and the Lamb

Un A lobo Wolf y Y un a cordero, lamb, acosados harassed de from la the sed, but, habian they-had llegado arrived á on un a mismo same arroyo; arroyo;
BY thirst incited; to the brook the Wolf and Lamb themselves betook.
el he lobo Wolf estaba I-was agua Water arriba, above, y Y el he cordero lamb mucho a-lot mas but abajo. down.
The Wolf high up the current drank, the Lamb far lower down the bank.
Entonces So el he lobo Wolf robador, thief, instigado instigated de from su his insaciable insatiable voracidad, voracity, urdió he-hatched este It-is pretexto pretext de from riña. fight.
Then, bent his ravenous maw to cram, the Wolf took umbrage at the Lamb.
¿Por By qué what le the dice, He-says, me me enturbiaste you-darkened el he agua, Water, cuando when yo I estaba I-was bebiendo? drinking?
"How dare you trouble all the flood, and mingle my good drink with mud?"
A A esto this dijo He-said el he corderillo lamb temblando: shaking: ¿Cómo, How, te to pregunto, I-ask, ó oh lobo, Wolf, puedo may-l yo I hacer do eso, that, de from que what te to quejas? complaints? desde since there viene it-is corriendo, running, él he agua, Water, á on donde where yo I bebo. bebo.
"Sir," says the Lambkin, sore afraid, "How should I act, as you upbraid? The thing you mention cannot be, The stream descends from you to me."
Atajado Shortcut el he lobo Wolf con with la the evidencia evidence de from la the verdad, true, salió he-left diciendo: saying: seis six meses months há, there-is, que what me me trataste you-tried mal times de from palabra. word.
Abash'd by facts, says he, " I know 'Tis now exact six months ago You strove my honest fame to blot"-
Por By cierto, true, respondió answered el he cordero, lamb, que what aun yet no no era was yo I nacido. born.
"Six months ago, sir, I was not!" "Then 'twas th' old ram thy sire," he cried,
Pues Well sin without duda, doubt, concluyó concluded el he lobo, Wolf, fue It-was tu you padre father el he que what me me injurió, injurió,
y Y así, A)-Yes, habiéndole speaking-to-you arrebatado, snapped-up, le the despedazó torn-apart con with muerte death injusta. unfair
And so he tore him, till he died.
Esta This fábula fable se HE escribió wrote por by aquellos those hombres; mens; que what con with pretextos pretexts fingidos faked oprimen oppress á on los the inocentes. innocent
To those this fable I address who are determined to oppress, and trump up any false pretence, but they will injure innocence.


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