Il lupo e l'agnello (Italian) with translations in English

The wolf and the lamb

This parallel text is part of The wolf and the lamb equilang.

Text in Italian.

Translation written in year 1833 in English.

Based in the original work Lupus et Agnus of Phaedrus

Il lupo e l'agnello
The Wolf and the Lamb

Un A lupo wolf ed and un a agnello, lamb, spinti pushed dalla from sete, Seven, erano they-were giunti joints allo the stesso same ruscello. stream.
A wolf and a lamb came to the same stream, compelled by thirst.
Più More in in alto high si and fermò He-stopped il the lupo, wolf, molto very più more in in basso bass si and mise setting l'agnello. the-lamb.
The wolf stood the higer up the stream, thelamb much lower.
Allora Then quel that furfante, furfante, spinto pushed dalla from sua your sfrenata unrestrained golosità, goodies, cercò I-look-for un a pretesto pretext per for litigare. to-argue.
Then the thief, impelledby his wicked maw, took occasion of quarrel.
"Perché", "Because", disse, said, "intorbidi "intorbidi l'acqua the-water che that sto table bevendo?" drinking?-"
'Why do you trouble the water,' said he, ' while I am drinking?'
Pieno Full di of timore fear l'agnello the-lamb rispose: He-answered: "Scusa, "Sorry, come come posso I-can fare do ciò it che that tu you mi my rimproveri? reproaches? Io I bevo I-drink l'acqua the-water che that passa goes-by prima before da gives te". to".
The frigtened wool-bearer answered, 'How can I possibly do what you complain of, wolf? The draught runs from you to me.'
E IS il the lupo, wolf, sconfitto beaten dall'evidenza evidence del of-the fatto, done, disse: said: "Sei "Be mesi months fa fa hai hai parlato spoken male male di of me". me".
The other, repelled by the force of truth, said, 'It is now six months ago since you spoke injuriosly of me.'
E IS l'agnello the-lamb ribatté: She-retorted: "Ma "Ma io I sei be mesi months fa fa non not ero I-was ancora yet nato!" then!-"
'I was not born then,' said the lamb.
Il The lupo, wolf, arrabbiatissimo: angry: "Allora "Then fu Fu tuo your padre father a a parlare speak male male di of me". me".
'Faith, then,' returned the wolf, 'it was your father.'
E IS subito immediately gli the saltò jump addosso on e is in in quattro four e is quattr'otto jiffy lo the divorò. devoured.
And so saying, he seized and tore him, putting him unjustly to death.
I I prepotenti bullies calpestano tread i i deboli weak con with falsi false pretesti. pretexts.
"This fable is written on account of those men who oppress the innocent under false pretences."


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