Pensieri in una notte quieta (Italian) with translations in English

Quiet Night Thought

This parallel text is part of Quiet Night Thought equilang.

Main text in Italian.

Translation in English.

Based in the original work 靜夜思 of Li Bai

Pensieri in una notte quieta

Quiet Night Thought

Dinanzi before al to-the letto bed un a luminoso bright raggio radius lunare monthly
Bright moonlight before my bed
sulla on terra land sembra it-seems essere to-be brina frost brillare. shine.
I suppose it is frost on the ground
Si And solleva raises il the capo boss guardando watching la the luminosa bright luna, month,
I raise my head to view the bright moon,
si and china china il the capo boss pensando thinking al to-the paese country natale. Christmas.
then lower it, thinking of my home village.


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