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Recovering the lost art of learning languages.

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Parallel texts.

Glossing Text

Interlinear notations of the meaning of each word in a text


Individual sentences.

Full audio books.

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Interlinear texts.

Listening a text interpolating sentences in your language and in the target language and viceversa

User comments in texts

Audio book in synchronization with text.

Collaborative texts with user reputation system.

User suggests word corrections.

Look for usage of a word and n-grams in sentences from ceritified contexts


Different ways to use the website depending on your goals

Learn a new language

Read the literal translation of each word and the "natural" translation of the sentence to learn its meaning and grammar usage.

Deduce meaning by yourself to incorporate new concepts instead of reading a lesson.

Writing a text in your target language and getting corrections

hearing the text in your native tongue while reading the target language to associate sentences and words with meanings

Involving hearing, speaking and reading to reinforce memory and study texts

Classic books

Read classics even if you don't know the original language.

If you read a translation you are reading a translators interpretation and not the original author.

Read the classics in the original languages

To read the Latin and Greek authors in their original, is a sublime luxury . . . I thank on my knees, him who directed my early education, for having put into my possession this rich source of delight; and I would not exchange it for anything which I could then have acquired, and have not since acquired.

Thomas Jefferson in Letter to Priestley, Jan. 27, 1800

Literal and natural translations

Word by word and sentence by sentence translations. Annotated texts makes possible to understand the vocabulary and usage of a foreign language.